Solar Panel Animal Protection

Solar panels are great way to produce clean, renewable and sustainable energy. Unfortunately, solar panels can also provide a dry and seemingly safe place for animals to nest and den. Animals like raccoons or squirrels can chew the wiring of the solar systems which can be costly to repair and thus lengthen your payback period. Pigeons and other birds can also nest under the panels. Bird droppings can reduce the lifespan of any roofing system over time and the nesting material could become a fire hazard. The animals should be safely removed and the system properly secured to permanently solve the problem.

Bad Company Wildlife can do both. Solar panel animal removal is the first step. Then we remove any nesting or animal feces and finally the solar panel animal protection is installed

Installing a PVC coated steel mesh around the perimeter of the solar panel system will prevent any future animal intrusions. We will never alter the panels by drilling or screwing into the frame. Instead the mesh is secured to the panel using solar panel animal exclusion clips and secured to the roof. As always, all our work is guaranteed.

Any new installations should have solar panel animal guards installed to stop the problem before its starts!

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