All About Mice Removal

Humane Mice Removal in a home is very common. Mice can fit through tiny gaps of 1/2” or less in the mortar of buildings, and if driven out, mice are extremely smart and very persistent about gaining re-entry to a building. Mice are excellent climbers, runners, jumpers and swimmers.  These tiny rodents can jump vertically up to 2.5 ft. in height! Mice nibble on all kinds of items including seeds, nuts, grains, meats, chocolate, cheese, butter, leather, paper, and a host of other things. Because almost all other animals hunt mice for food, they grow quickly and have many babies (about 5-10 litters per year, with an average of 6-9 pups per litter). The female mouse can start having babies as early as 6 weeks of age so it is crucial to know how to rid your home of mice in the correct manner to avoid a repeat infestation. For more info about noises in the attic mice can make check out our blog post here.

How to Get Rid of Mice:
Knowing how to get rid of mice permanently can be a challenge for homeowners.

Some common mistakes homeowners make when working on how to get rid of mice:

Setting kills traps and putting poison down to get rid of mice. These are band-aid solutions that may lower the number of mice in your home for a short time but will not permanently solve the problem of getting rid of mice so it will become an ongoing battle. In addition, dead mice that have been poisoned or trapped will decay and become a host for maggots and bacteria, or die in walls and create a terrible smell.

Filling the weeping vents with caulking or some other kind of sealant.  Weeping vents are gaps in the mortar that are most often found on the lower level of the brick and above and below windows and doors.  These gaps exist so that the brick can breathe.  Brick absorbs moisture from the air and rain and needs airflow to help it dry.  If these holes are filled it can damage the brick and cause spalling (the brick begins to crumble) and can eventually destroy the brick

What we do:

  • We identify all mouse entry points and install one way mouse exits
  • We seal the home from top to bottom to make it mouse proof – every nook and cranny – but we do not affect airflow or drainage

This is the only guaranteed permanent solution for mice eviction.

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