All About Bird Removal

Starlings, pigeons and sparrows are the birds that are most likely to live in your home, making nests in places like vents and attic spaces.  Many birds will continue to build onto existing nests year after year. This can lead to clogging of dryer vents (which can be a serious fire hazard) or stove top vents. Bird nests can also be infested with mites which could make their way into your living space.  Starlings will take advantage of gaps in soffits or vents and create nests in them.  Pigeons can quickly make a large mess on window sills, store front signs and other wall protrusions with droppings and will continue to use their nest to raise young if not removed properly.

How to get rid of birds

Knowing how to get rid of birds properly can be a challenge and it is common for home owners to make mistakes when trying to get rid of birds.

Common mistakes home owners make deciding how to get rid of birds humanely:

  • Sealing it the entry assuming the bird is not inside.  This can lead to the bird(s) dying within home causing a very bad smell.
  • Flushing mother bird out and then sealing it up without removing the nest, eggs or babies.

What we do:

  • We remove nesting material and eggs or babies if present.
  • We permanently seal entry to prevent re-entry. If babies are present we place them in an area where they can continue to be fed by mother bird outside of the home.
  • We install materials like bird wire, bird netting and anti-landing tracks on ledges and window sills to prevent pigeons from roosting or other birds from entering the vent or attic space.

Our experience has taught us how to get rid of birds effectively and our work comes with a 5-year guarantee of bird removal.

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