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Mike Floren And His Family


Mike Floren became involved in the wildlife removal industry at age nineteen working as a Wildlife Removal Technician. A few years passed and he decided to go to college. He graduated from Industrial Woodworking Techniques and worked in the woodworking, carpentry and electrical trades. Then he was offered an opportunity to work for another wildlife removal company which he accepted and continued to work as a Wildlife Removal Technician before moving up in the company to become Field Operations Manager. After much experience, he recognized this was his true calling and that he loved working in the unique field of humane wildlife removal.



Matt Beaudoin was immersed in the world of entrepreneurship at a young age growing up in a household that was home to a family business. Matt soon developed a keen sense of business and acquired a wide variety of trade skills. With a longstanding passion for animals he graduated from Animal Behaviour College and has been working with animals ever since. Some accomplishments include: training service dogs for children with autism, rehabilitating canines with behavioural issues and helping to start two successful canine daycares.


Matt Beaudoin And His Family
Mike Floren and Matt Beaudoin Team

Experts In Wildlife Removal

Mike and Matt worked side by side for many years and realized that as a team they shared not only a passion for the wildlife removal industry but also a strong work ethic that allows them to be efficient and successful. The excitement of baby seasons, fast paced working environments and above all, the satisfaction of helping people and urban wildlife co-exist in our cities was like nothing else they had experienced.

With the hands on skills and business expertise we encompass as a team, starting our own humane animal removal company was an obvious choice. While applying our well-practiced techniques coupled with an honest approach, we are confident you will feel comfortable with your choice of calling Bad Company Wildlife Eviction Services. Our Canadian owned family style business is proud to serve you doing what we do best, humanely and safely evicting urban wildlife from your home! Thank you for being a part of our story.